Bilingual Wedding

Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

Bilingual Wedding Ceremony


Picture it… 2011, I was asked if I would become an ordained wedding officiant…the reason?  Two of my friends could not find a Rabbi to marry them because they were a same-sex couple.  I looked at them and without hesitation, I said yes.   … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Get to know everybody

Let’s get to know everybody


Thoughts by Beckii…Let’s get to know everybody. Ceremonies by Lori would be nothing without its fantastic team, who are made to feel way more like family BY our boss, Lori…(PUN INTENDED). Lori Prashker-Thomas has always been a creative soul and … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Everybody Loves a Wedding

Everybody Loves a Wedding


The other day while I was on the bus, I was asked, “What is it about a wedding that makes me want to be a part of it?”  I thought long and hard about that one… no one has ever … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

The thrill of being a wedding singer – Let’s hear from Beckii!


I was once asked what thrilled me most about a wedding?  Honestly,  I don’t think my answer has changed much from being a teenager to being in my late twenties.  I come from a very big family of musicians.  I … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

What do you want your wedding ceremony to look like?


Are you looking for something simple yet beautiful in an intimate setting? Or maybe something a little quieter but super personal, just meant for you and your Hunny? Well, look no further. With Ceremonies by Lori, we offer just that! … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

What questions should you ask a wedding vendor?


Hi everyone. I hope this finds you all doing well, and Happy Spring! I have been getting a lot of inquiries lately asking very specific questions about me and what I do at Ceremonies by Lori. As I answered each … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Special events in February

2 Special Events in February


Hi everyone.  I just wanted to stop by and talk about 2 events that Ceremonies by Lori will be doing in February.   Are you looking to get married, elope, renew your vows on Valentine’s Day? Ceremonies by Lori is … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

Thank you


Welcome to the last blog post of 2021…What a year it has been. Let’s start by saying thank you to all 82 couples that were married by Ceremonies by Lori…That number is staggering to me. Eighty-two couples entrusted us with … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - With cultural diversity comes different languages

With cultural diversity comes different languages


Hi everyone! Let us talk about how important it is to get a wedding officiant that speaks the language of you and your spouse. There are thousands of diverse cultures and religions out there. Some couples are very deep-rooted within … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Picking the right wedding officiant

Picking the right wedding officiant


Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you about picking the right wedding officiant. A wedding officiant is the “ringleader” and does an essential task, MARRYING THE COUPLE! Without us, your marriage does not happen!!! We make sure that the … Read More