Everybody Loves a Wedding

Ceremonies By Lori - Everybody Loves a Wedding

The other day while I was on the bus, I was asked, “What is it about a wedding that makes me want to be a part of it?”  I thought long and hard about that one… no one has ever asked me that when I tell them my profession.

I looked her in her eyes, and I began to tell her how pre-covid I was a wedding singer/bartender. There was something so immensely satisfying about being a part of what could be someone’s forever. 

I love the settings. The intimate lighting, the bouquets, and the music. But mostly, I love the fact that every wedding is different. Some are cultural, some or more modern or traditional, and some take a completely different approach in general. Ever been to a gypsy wedding? What an experience! 

Here at Ceremonies By Lori, you have the freedom and the option to have whatever kind of ceremony you want… You will never be judged or scrutinized for any reason –  ever… 

Have blue hair and want to wear a black dress? Perfect! Covered in tattoos from head to toe? BRING IT ON! We love LOVE! And we will never discriminate against you for any of your personal preferences. 

Ceremonies by Lori offers you the pace of wedding you may want and need… If there is ANYTHING we can take away from this pandemic, it is that life is short and time is very precious. We tend to forget to live in the moment. We tend to believe in a tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Live in the now. Marry your best friend. Make the decision for yourself. Set the pace of your own wedding.

We offer pop-up weddings, which, whenever I talk about them, I refer to them as “weddings on a whim.” This made my bus mate laugh. She said, “weddings on a whim, huh?” I said, “well, it’s cute and catchy and fits the description,” she giggled… “so I could come to yall one day with my person, and we can just get married?” Now she was curious. I then proceeded to tell her that with a proper marriage license, we here at Ceremonies can do whatever type of ceremony you may want. 

We talked a lot more, and we laughed like old friends. The woman was probably twice my age. She said, “I’m an old lady, there isn’t gonna be a wedding for me…” and I told her, “the heart may surprise you… and who knows, you may surprise me and pop up at one of our Weddings on a whim” she laughed again… 

The bus ride was over, and when we said our goodbyes, she hugged me and thanked me for “indulging an old woman.” She said, “you’re really passionate about this, aren’t you?” and I replied, “I’m passionate about anything that brings people closer together.” 

We came to her stop, and she said, “so what is it that you love about a wedding?” Which was her initial question when she found out about my profession. I looked up at her, thought about my answer, and said, “what’s not to love about a wedding?” And she winked at me and said, “God bless.” 

I will probably never see her again. But I am so grateful to her for making me remember why I love to do what I do in the first place. 

We are all about uniting in love. We want you to feel at home and safe in our presence. We want your day to be just that… YOUR DAY! 

Come check us out at Ceremonies by Lori! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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