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Ceremonies By Lori - Get to know everybody

Thoughts by Beckii…Let’s get to know everybody.

Ceremonies by Lori would be nothing without its fantastic team, who are made to feel way more like family BY our boss, Lori…(PUN INTENDED).

Lori Prashker-Thomas has always been a creative soul and a free spirit. Once she met her husband, Michael, she picked up a camera and was hooked. She has been a professional photographer & Co-Owner of ShadowCatcher Photography, LLC ever since. Because she loved photographing weddings, she always wanted to become more involved in the wedding ceremony itself. She wanted to incorporate more of what she loves…writing. That’s when she decided it was time to become a wedding officiant so she could write beautiful ceremonies for other couples.

Lori originally became ordained in 2011 with the Universal Life Church Ministry and continued her education to become an ordained “Rabbi” in June 2013 with the American Marriage Ministries. She is also a Certificated Wedding Officiant through the Wedding Merchant Business Academy and a Paralegal at Lehman Law, PC. She always tells her couples that “I am a one-stop-shop…Officiant, Photographer, Hair & Makeup Squad & so much more!!!”

Now let’s introduce you to our family on our Pennsylvania Team:

First, we have Maria Tejada, a beautiful, passionate, bilingual wedding officiant who holds a BA of Science Degree in Management and is the proud owner of a Pennsylvania State Vehicle Inspection Facility. She is passionate about watching a love story grow and is a wonderful addition to our team! 

Next, we have Teri Granahan, a Wedding Officiant, and a beautifully hilarious human being. She is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and a Certified Fitness Trainer. She also does stand-up comedy in her spare time, and you should hear some of her jokes. Every zoom call is a hoot! She keeps us all young and laughing, which makes this job so enjoyable, being able to laugh with people you’re working with. 

Then there is me, Beckii Mitchell. I work as our Social Media Manager, A Wedding Officiant, and a Wedding Singer, and I’ve recently tried my hand at Wedding Photography. That was a fantastic experience. I’ve known Lori for over half my life, and she has always made me feel like I was her family. And to be welcomed here has been such a rewarding experience. I’m learning new and exciting things about weddings daily, which has been amazing. 

Our Pennsylvania team may stop there, but our family continues to grow and expand almost daily (for now). We have recently expanded to the New England area, and let’s tell you a little about our NE team!

Starting off strong, we have Patti Turcotte, our NE Teams’ Lead Wedding/Event Planner. She has been coordinating events for over 30 years. She has obtained the President’s Award For Outstanding Service for her signature event, which connected student groups, athletic teams, and individuals with intellectual differences to promote awareness and inclusivity in the Wheaton community. No wedding is too big or too small for this Queen. It’s fantastic to have her heading our team in New England.

Next, we have Tim Conolly, one of our family’s newest members. He is a Wedding Officiant, and he got his popular start from being such a great friend that a majority of his closest friends asked him to officiate their weddings, and things just took off for him right there. He is joining our family with his partner Michael Enrique, our Lead makeup artist. 

Michael has been in love with fashion and beauty since a very young age. He started on fashion photography photo shoots and Runway shows while working in the modeling industry. He was eventually promoted to manager of Christian Dior makeup after being formally educated at world-renowned schools such as Central Saint Martins, Parsons, and FIT. He has made his way from London to NYC, and to see his work is to LOVE IT. 

This is our team, and we love what we do. We aren’t just a team, though. Lori makes sure we are a family. And whether you’re in Pennsylvania, New England, or anywhere (have passport will travel), you will be in the BEST hands/care possible when you book with us. 

We care about your love story. We each have our own. We each have a passion for this, and Lori handpicked us each to see her dream come true. 

You will never be disappointed in the service we will provide for you. 

Now that you’ve met our family book with us so we can meet yours

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