Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

Occasionally, a couple will request a bilingual wedding ceremony because they want the ceremony to be all-inclusive.  Ceremonies by Lori is lucky enough to have a Spanish language translator on board, Maria Tejeda.*  Maria was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States at the age of 9.  She has stated that being a part of Ceremonies by Lori has allowed her to connect with couples more intimately.  Each ceremony is unique, and it is a fantastic feeling to experience firsthand how people can express their love for each.  “Lori has a passion for what she does, and it shows in every ceremony I have had the honor of being a part of.  This is, hands down, my favorite part of being on her team.”  

Having a bi-lingual ceremony is a little tricky to write but not really any different than writing an English-language ceremony.  Lori writes the ceremony in English, and then Maria translates the ceremony paragraph by paragraph.  Ceremonies by Lori does their bilingual ceremonies differently than other officiants we have seen.  We translate paragraph by section instead of just the parts of the ceremony where the parents, siblings, family, or friends will participate.  We at Ceremonies by Lori believe that the entire ceremony is important for the family and friends to be a part of and understand.  

A bilingual ceremony also recognizes two or more cultures blending together.  In a blog post, Amor Latino Unveiled stated, “… my experience is that English-speaking families are usually delighted to experience some of the ceremony in Spanish – and vice-versa!  And this seems to be true even if the family does not understand a word of the other language.  The bottom line is that an officiant who can switch back and forth between two languages can connect with all your guests while simultaneously showcasing the blending of two cultures.”  

Another important thing to remember when planning a bilingual wedding is celebrating the differences between your respective cultures and religions.  Whether it is through food, music, dance, or ceremony rituals, your wedding is a great time to highlight the beauty of your ancestry.  The blending of cultures at the ceremony is an amazing way to show family, friends, and the world that love does not discriminate, and that is the tenant here at Ceremonies by Lori.

* Ceremonies by Lori currently also has French, Russian, Mandarin, and Hebrew language specialists but are continually adding other bi-lingual specialists and can find a translator of almost any language.

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