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Want to get married? Ceremonies By Lori

Love is Love – Thoughts by Beckii


Here at Ceremonies by Lori, we believe that love is love. Come as you are, and we will marry you. That is such an essential mindset in today’s day and age. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community myself, I … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

A Wedding On A Whim – Thoughts by Beckii


So recently, I just learned about a thing called a pop-up wedding. Honestly, it sounds like the perfect way to get married for me. So basically, what a pop-up wedding is, is an elopement in an intimate setting that is … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Everybody Loves a Wedding

Everybody Loves a Wedding


The other day while I was on the bus, I was asked, “What is it about a wedding that makes me want to be a part of it?”  I thought long and hard about that one… no one has ever … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

The thrill of being a wedding singer – Let’s hear from Beckii!


I was once asked what thrilled me most about a wedding?  Honestly,  I don’t think my answer has changed much from being a teenager to being in my late twenties.  I come from a very big family of musicians.  I … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

What do you want your wedding ceremony to look like?


Are you looking for something simple yet beautiful in an intimate setting? Or maybe something a little quieter but super personal, just meant for you and your Hunny? Well, look no further. With Ceremonies by Lori, we offer just that! … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori

What questions should you ask a wedding vendor?


Hi everyone. I hope this finds you all doing well, and Happy Spring! I have been getting a lot of inquiries lately asking very specific questions about me and what I do at Ceremonies by Lori. As I answered each … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - About Us

Ceremonies by Lori – A little more about us


Hey Guys, First, a big thank you for taking the time to come to Ceremonies by Lori and getting to know a little more about our team and exactly what we do here. Lori is a beautiful soul who loves … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Why do I step out of the shot during a wedding ceremony?

Why do I step out of the shot during a wedding ceremony?


I was today years old when I learned that as an officiant during a wedding ceremony, I should not only be stepping out of the shot (out of the photographer’s shot or far enough so they can easily crop/edit me … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Is online ordination legal?

Pennsylvania – is online ordination legal?


Hi to all the engaged couples and married couples in Pennsylvania and couples who were married in Pennsylvania. This question has come up yet again in many wedding threads that I see. In Pennsylvania, is your marriage legal if someone … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - Special events in February

2 Special Events in February


Hi everyone.  I just wanted to stop by and talk about 2 events that Ceremonies by Lori will be doing in February.   Are you looking to get married, elope, renew your vows on Valentine’s Day? Ceremonies by Lori is … Read More