Ceremonies by Lori – A little more about us

Ceremonies By Lori - About Us

Hey Guys,

First, a big thank you for taking the time to come to Ceremonies by Lori and getting to know a little more about our team and exactly what we do here.

Lori is a beautiful soul who loves love and everything that comes along with bringing laughter and joy into any and every one of her ceremonies…

She is always looking to build a team that is not only ridiculously talented but who are also just as enthusiastic and excited about your love story as she is!

Our goal is to prepare the most perfect, most relaxing, and most wonderfully intimate setting for you and your partner’s special day!

Lori offers you not only a fantastic ceremony, but she is also an incredibly talented photographer.  Once she pulls out that camera, you know it’s about to go down, and she will have you looking flawless.

Right now, I have the pleasure of being the newest recruit to this amazing team, and I cannot wait to continue learning from Lori and even doing my own ceremonies someday soon!

I recently took a break from local (voluntary) theater to pursue a career geared towards making people’s dreams come true… I am now an ordained minister (in training), which is SO EXCITING TO ME!  I am also a wedding singer.  I have loved music for as long as I can remember.  My dream is to work on or off Broadway in the BIG APPLE one day.

I come from an exceptionally musically inclined family/background, and I just love to use my gift to uplift someone and encourage them and even brighten their day if I can.

When you choose Ceremonies by Lori, I can promise you, you will NOT be disappointed.  Lori is one of the best people you will ever meet in your life.  There will never be any judgment or discrimination based on your race, sexual orientation, or personal preferences.

Here we believe LOVE IS LOVE, and we just want to be a small part of your GREATEST love story…

We hope to see you soon!

Much love ❤️


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