A Wedding On A Whim – Thoughts by Beckii

Ceremonies By Lori

So recently, I just learned about a thing called a pop-up wedding. Honestly, it sounds like the perfect way to get married for me. So basically, what a pop-up wedding is, is an elopement in an intimate setting that is planned for you. The difference between a regular courthouse wedding and a pop-up wedding is that the venue’s setting is usually built up and broken down on the same day/within the same hour of the actual wedding by a specific team. What does that mean exactly? It means that technically we could have 7+ weddings in one day that are built to the bride and groom’s liking, and then as soon as their wedding is done, a team will come in and break down their wedding decor and setup, and instantly prepare for the next ceremony. I call pop-up weddings “Weddings on a Whim” catchy, don’t you think? I feel like that has such a cute ring to it. 

I would go for a wedding on a whim if it were up to me because I am such an indecisive person. Some people may ask you, well, why a pop-up wedding? And my answer would be that I don’t like anyone making decisions for me. I like what I want, and I am usually a go-with-the-flow type of person. I would choose a pop-up wedding because no extra voices are trying to persuade you to do other things with your wedding. There is no one there to really get rid of your vision for your special day. Yes, you can include people on your special day, but there is nothing better and more relieving than the feeling of not having the pressure of finding extra things or doing too much. 

Watching my sister get married was such a beautiful experience. However, I saw the stress, emotional, and, quite frankly, even the physical damage it put her under. She did pretty much everything by herself and without a team backing her up. I watched this beautiful woman slowly become less and less of herself on a day that was supposed to be all about her. On a day that was supposed to be one of her life’s best and most incredible memories, she was so stressed out the entire time. I feel like a pop-up wedding could have avoided all of that. First and most importantly, it’s a way more intimate setting because it’s quicker in pace, meaning it’s a smaller crowd. I prefer smaller gatherings. I get anxious far too much to entertain everyone. There is something so fascinating about the idea of just inviting the people I want to share my special day with. The number of people I want to share with is much smaller than the average person, but I like things like that. I don’t want to be stressed on a day that is supposed to be the most incredible memory of my life, respectfully. At Ceremonies By Lori, we offer pop-up weddings. In fact, if you’re in the Luzerne County area and you Google pop-up wedding, Ceremonies By Lori is the very first official wedding coordinator to “pop up” (Pun intended).

Not only will your day be stress-free, but you will also be in and out and on your way to your honeymoon or post-nuptial parties and bliss with ease. 

All you need is a marriage license and two people who are completely and irrevocably in love. 

Want a wedding singer? We provide that as well. Need wedding photos with a professional photographer? We have one! Let us make your day as unique as you are! Let us be a part of your love story and remove some of that stress that may seem a bit too overwhelming. 

Let’s do a Wedding On A Whim. 

(I told you it has a ring to it). 

You will be so happy that you did.

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