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Keeping Your Wedding Officiant in the Loop

Planning a wedding is an intricate dance of coordinating countless details, from the venue and guest list to flowers and catering. However, life often throws curveballs, and couples may find themselves needing to make adjustments. Dawn Plante, Owner and Lead … Read More

Wedding Officiant v Justice of the Peace

Justice of the Peace vs. Wedding Officiant – How to Choose

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the planning process is selecting the person who will officiate your ceremony. While there are various options available, two common choices are a … Read More

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Crafting Lasting Memories: Officiating Weddings with Heart and Purpose – Insights by Lori

Weddings are profound celebrations of love, commitment, and the promise of a shared future. Behind the scenes of these joyous occasions are the officiants, individuals entrusted with the profound responsibility of uniting two or more souls in matrimony. In this … Read More

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Why are Officiants so expensive?

As per usual, we received an inquiry about our wedding officiant packages and fees. I quoted them our price, and their response was, “Why are officiants so expensive?” Well, we actually are not the most expensive vendor at your wedding, … Read More

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Why are marriers waiting until the last minute to book their Wedding Officiant?

Why are marriers waiting until the last minute to book their Wedding Officiant? This is a discussion we have been having on Facebook and within officiant discussion boards. (American Marriage Ministries recently had a blog about just this topic.) Ceremonies … Read More

Ceremonies By Lori - A Photographer's Path to Becoming a Wedding Officiant

A Photographer’s Path to Becoming a Wedding Officiant & Advocate

Thank you, American Marriage Ministries, for the spotlight! … Read More

Michelle Coffman - Southern Region Wedding Officant & Wedding Planner

Welcome to Ceremonies by Lori – Southern Region

Announcement time!!! Ceremonies by Lori is expanding to the Southern Region of the United States and adding an incredible new Officiant and Wedding/Event Planner for this region to our team. Let’s welcome Michelle Coffman. Michelle has always had a passion … Read More

Wedding Officiant v Celebrant

Wedding Officiant and Celebrant – What is the difference

Is there a difference between a Wedding Officiant and a Celebrant? A wedding officiant or celebrant is a person who is authorized to perform and officiate at wedding ceremonies. Their role is to lead the wedding ceremony, oversee the exchange … Read More


Love Does NOT Discriminate

Picture it… 2011, I was asked if I would become an ordained wedding officiant…the reason?  Two of my friends could not find a Rabbi to marry them because they were a same-sex couple.  I looked at them and without hesitation, I said yes.   … Read More

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How To Choose a Wedding Officiant

Choosing a wedding officiant is an important decision as we are responsible for performing your wedding ceremony and setting the tone for your special day. Here are some steps to help you choose the right wedding officiant: 1. Determine the … Read More