Why are marriers waiting until the last minute to book their Wedding Officiant?

Wedding Officiant with script

Why are marriers waiting until the last minute to book their Wedding Officiant? This is a discussion we have been having on Facebook and within officiant discussion boards. (American Marriage Ministries recently had a blog about just this topic.) Ceremonies by Lori has been getting a lot of calls and emails from panicked marries for last-minute wedding ceremonies (literally 24 hours before the wedding!) We have been discussing some possible reasons behind their decision. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Budget Constraints: Couples might be prioritizing other aspects of their wedding planning, such as the venue, catering, or decor, and may not have allocated a sufficient budget for an officiant. As a result, they may delay booking an officiant until they have a clearer understanding of their overall expenses. In reality, Lori, Owner & Lead Officiant Ceremonies by Lori, says, “the Officiant tends to be the least paid vendor but we are one of the most important vendors because, without an Officiant, the marries are having a very expensive party and NO legal marriage.”
  2. Uncertainty or Indecision: Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and couples may take longer to finalize their decisions. They might spend more time researching different officiants, reading reviews, or seeking recommendations, leading to a delay in booking. Dawn Plante, Owner and Minister at Spirit of the Butterfly, LLC, says, “When doing your research on the Officiants, get contracts. Most scammers, non-professionals, and “Friend-or”‘s don’t use contracts, which can lead to a delay in booking the Officiant.”
  3. Availability and Scheduling: Popular officiants may have limited availability due to their busy schedules, especially during peak wedding seasons. Couples who delay their booking may find that their preferred officiants are already booked on their desired wedding dates. This can lead to a sense of urgency and a last-minute rush to secure an available officiant. Rev. Dawn Scott of Eternal Bliss Marriages, LLC says, “I think in most of the couple’s minds, they believe obtaining a professional Officiant six months or even six weeks is enough time when in actuality they should book us right after the venue is secured, the reality is there are not many of us as most may think.”
  4. Changing Wedding Plans: Sometimes, couples may need to alter their wedding plans due to unforeseen circumstances. This could include changes in the venue, date, or overall wedding vision. As a result, they may need to find an officiant who can accommodate these changes, leading to a delayed booking process.
  5. Lack of Awareness: Couples who are new to wedding planning may not be aware of the significance of booking an officiant early in the process. They may underestimate the demand for officiants or simply overlook this aspect until the later stages of their planning.

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