Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner, Patti Turcotte

Wedding planners are responsible for assisting clients in planning entire weddings or specific wedding activities. They discuss wedding logistics with clients, negotiate vendor contracts, be a liaison between clients and vendors, and ensure that wedding-day activities run smoothly, including the rehearsal.  There are many other things that a wedding planner does or can do for a couple.  Check out Wedding Wire’s “16 Things You Didn’t Know Your Wedding Planner Can Do.”

Patti, Lead Event Coordinator for Ceremonies by Lori, has been coordinating all types of events for over 30 years, beginning with fashion shows for charity, fundraisers, parties, and weddings. She has professionally coordinated and programmed events at Wheaton College for 15 years.

We asked Patti why should a wedding couple hire a wedding planner. Here are her top 3 reasons to hire a wedding planner:  

  1. You can share your wedding day ideas with a planner, and they will help you plan the wedding of your dreams within your budget.
  2. Planners can save you money and endless meetings with vendors.  Planners save you something more precious than money…Time.
  3. If you do nothing else, hire a Day of Event Coordinator so that you can enjoy your wedding day.  You don’t want to be half-dressed, chasing your vendors to make sure your flowers are there and placed where they are supposed to be.  You can enjoy your day with family, friends, and, most importantly, your spouse.  

At Ceremonies by Lori,  we have 4 different Wedding Planning packages:

  • Virtually Yours ($275 per session) – An affordable alternative for our couples to use in planning for your wedding that fits your budget.    We can help to create and manage a wedding budget, wedding timeline, wedding design, vendor research, and anything else that may be wedding related.
  • Today is the Day ($975) – This package is perfect for couples who have been planning for months but want to enjoy their day. This package is based on 15-20 hours prior to and on your wedding day.
  • This is Us ($2,800) – This package is ideal for couples who love attending to all the details and enjoy having control over making decisions but don’t have time for all the small but necessary details (think trash removal, power, and bathrooms).  I/my team will work with you side by side to ensure no detail is missed, take the not-so-fun tasks off your hands, and put out all the small fires that come with planning a wedding.  This package begins about 2-3 months before your wedding day.
  • Dream Big ($5,800) – This is our version of full-service wedding planning.  With this package, you gain a new best friend who will always be excited to hear your wedding ideas.  I/my team will be there every step of the way to turn them into reality.  Depending on your venue selection, this package can start a year or more.

We offer a lot more here at Ceremonies by Lori, from Officiating to Makeup Services, so whatever your wedding day wants/needs are, reach out, and we can help.

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