Wedding Ceremonies and the Pandemic

Ceremonies By Lori - Pop-up Wedding Ceremony Event

We all know it has been a little over a year since the Pandemic has struck. So many things have changed. School went remote for some, in-person for others, or even hybrid for others. A lot of online shopping, USPS behind in deliveries, parties are non-existent (or should be) and a lot of weddings have been postponed…Well at least the big party aspect of it. 

Wedding celebrations look drastically different than in years past. Many couples have opted to have micro-weddings, elopements, or civil ceremonies. Ceremonies by Lori has been very busy with the “Make It Legal” package we offer. That package is just that, a 1-2 minute ceremony (usually with an exchange of rings) and signing of the Marriage License. A lot of our couples are opting for the civil ceremony on “their special date” and will do a renewal of vows, a religious ceremony, or just a reception on their one-year anniversary or close to it. I think any option that you choose as a couple is the right option for you. 

I keep telling couples that they do not have to have a party in order to be married. Marriage is a completely separate entity. The definition of marriage is “the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship.” Marriage is a union, now that is not to say you cannot celebrate that union, but the party does NOT make the marriage. Marriage is between the couple, not the groomsmen or bridesmaids, not the parents or other relatives, just the couple.

On April 3, 2021, Ceremonies by Lori along with Justin M. Correll, Mayor of Laurel Run Borough will be offering another marriage ceremony option to couples…

4-3-2-1 Pop Up Event – If you aren’t sure about having a big wedding this year because of restrictions, we have a great opportunity available to make it legal. There is still time to get your license in your county and get married on this unique date April 3, 2021 (4-3-21). We will be hosting a pop-up wedding day in the Valley with a Heart, socially distanced and family-friendly. Give us a call for details and reserve your spot today *space is limited* 570-763-9436. 

Let us officiate now and you can party safely later!

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