Surprise…We are getting married

Ceremonies By Lori - Surprise, We Are Getting

Thoughts from Beckii ~  

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working at what we call a “surprise wedding.”  Unbeknownst to every guest in attendance (except the bride’s sister), all thought they were attending Bryon’s retirement party.  The reveal left many attendees in quite a shock.  Watching the faces of each family member and or friend go from shock to pure joy was so awesome to witness.   The announcement started off something like this “…we are here today to celebrate Bryon’s retirement…But there is a more momentous reason why we are here to celebrate today – I would also like to welcome you all to Debra’sand Bryon’s wedding ceremony…”

To see the love shared between two people who had been together for a long time was so beautiful.  To see how many of their friends and family came out to support them and celebrate with them after the initial surprise was a fantastic experience for me. 

Usually, if I am not the singer at a wedding, I’m a guest in attendance or a server working the reception festivities.  This time, however, I was behind the scenes.  I was making sure everyone looked their best… I was working as the second shooter for ShadowCatcher Photography and being asked to take candids of the event and help with family portraits.  I was hands-on, and it was such a rewarding experience. 

I love every part of my job.  I love seeing people happy.  I love watching Lori in her element, marrying couples who were made for each other. 

I love seeing new venues and going to new towns.  I love meeting new people and making long-lasting memories with people who were once strangers. 

There is something so magical about being a part of Ceremonies By Lori.  Not only am I making memories with the couples for myself, but they are allowing me to be included in some of the most significant moments in their lives, and for that, I am so grateful for that.

Whether it’s a surprise wedding, pop-up wedding, or a well-planned wedding that you want, you will NOT regret booking with Ceremonies by Lori.  We will take care of anything you may need. 

Let us be a part of your big day.  Let us surprise you and your family with how much fun you’ll have with us.  We are here for you, and we treasure your love.  We want this experience to be an amazing one for you.  Let’s make the best memories together.

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