It is ok to not be for everyone

Ceremonies By Lori - It's OK to say NO

I/CBL recently received a review from a couple that, in part, stated, “I knew I had to have Lori officiate our wedding during our initial Zoom call when she stated, “I’m not for everybody.” Lori is who she is and will not compromise that for anyone – which I LOVE.”  KP and FB are a couple who are so in love that you could feel the love through the Courthouse Rotunda and beyond.  

A quick side note/story – This wedding was at the Luzerne County Courthouse Rotunda, which is stunning.  The ceremony took place on a Monday during business hours.  At first, I was slightly concerned, but the Courthouse staff did a phenomenal job keeping the noise and regular hubbub down to a dull roar.  I found out after the fact that one of the judges holding court actually held proceedings until they heard me pronounce them married.  There was some clapping in their courtroom.  I thought that was phenomenal.

Anyway, back to why I am writing the blog…I have learned over the many years of being in business here and in ShadowCatcher Photography, LLC that it is perfectly fine to “not be for everyone.”  I questioned myself the first time I told a couple, “I don’t think I am a good fit for you.”  I thought, am I crazy?  I need the money.  I am turning away business.  How can I do that?  However, after I did it and realized that my stress level over this couple had disappeared, I realized that ok, I could choose who I wanted as my clients, just as the couple can choose who they wish to have as their officiant, photographer, venue, doctor, etc.  Wow, what an “aha” moment that was.  

Because of this, though, the initial Zoom consultations are so important.  It is where we get to meet face to face initially and truly see if we mesh.  Now, that is not to say that I have not taken a few weddings that I probably should not have.  I have even been “fired” by one couple (received a scathing review, responded appropriately, and moved on,) and you know what, it was a complete learning experience.  After the initial sting, I realized they found someone better suited for them, and I implemented some much-needed changes.  That’s a win as far as I am concerned.

Now, if you are looking for an officiant, wedding/event planner, makeup artist, wedding singer, or photographer, who gives their all to every couple who entrusts their day to us, then Ceremonies by Lori is the team to hire.  Everyone on the team gives 110% of themselves to make YOUR day special.

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