Does CBL offer unity ceremonies? The short answer is Yes

Unity Ceremonies

At CBL, we often get asked if we do unity ceremonies?  The short answer is Yes. 

What is a unity ceremony?  According to, “…A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual woven into the wedding ceremony…” Unity ceremonies are a unique way of joining families and visually becoming one family during the wedding ceremony.  Over the years, unity ceremonies have become one way for a couple to personalize their wedding.  They allow the couple to express their love and devotion in a way that is meaningful to the couple.

Unity ceremonies can represent a fresh start… a fresh start as individuals coming together and beginning a new family.  There are many ways to show your commitment to one another within your marriage ceremony; unity candle ceremonies, sand ceremonies, love locks, love letters, handfasting, painted canvas unity ceremonies, and even tree plantings, to name a few.

Unity ceremonies are a wonderful and unique way of allowing family members to participate in your wedding ceremony.  The parents of the couple help to light the individual candles before the couple lights the unity candle.  Children can participate in a sand ceremony by picking their own sand colors and pouring them during the ceremony.  Is that not an excellent way for them to anticipate the wedding ceremony and be able to participate in a fun way?

How do you decide what unity ceremony suits you and your ceremony?  Talk about it with your fiancé… Are you having a traditional ceremony?  More modern?  Religious?  Ancestral?  Do you want to include things from your family such as a Kiddush cup, canvas ropes made from your grandmother’s wedding gown for handfasting, or “tying the knot?” There are many possibilities for your unity ceremonies…take a moment and think about it.  Talk to your wedding officiant, wedding planner, and parents to get ideas and input.  You, as a couple, will know what type of ceremony is right for you and your ceremony, and remember, Ceremonies by Lori is always here to help.  (Click here for some of our unity ceremony offerings.)

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