Day of Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator

Patti and Michelle - DOWC

What is the difference between a Day of Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator? Patti and I have been getting this question quite a bit, and we had just read a blog by Bianca Nicole on this very topic, so we thought we would discuss it and give you our take!

 Patti states, “The difference between a Day of Wedding Coordinator (DOWC)and the Venue Coordinator is the DOWC works for you to ensure that all your vendors are on time and each service is executed according to your specifications.  The venue coordinator works for the venue.”

 Hiring a day-of coordinator for your wedding can provide numerous benefits and complement the services offered by the venue coordinator.  While the venue coordinator focuses primarily on the logistics and operations of the venue itself, a day-of coordinator is more focused on overseeing the entire wedding day and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  Here are a few reasons why you might consider hiring a separate day-of coordinator:

  •  Comprehensive coordination: A day-of coordinator will work closely with you leading up to the wedding day to understand your vision, preferences, and all the details of your wedding.  They will create a comprehensive timeline, coordinate with vendors, and handle various aspects such as setup, décor, and transportation.  Their primary goal is to execute your vision seamlessly.
  •  Attention to detail: Day-of coordinators specialize in the intricacies of wedding planning.  They pay meticulous attention to detail and can help with last-minute adjustments, ensuring that all aspects of your wedding are well-coordinated and nothing is overlooked.  They can also assist with seating arrangements, guest management, and ceremony coordination. 
  •  Vendor coordination: While the venue coordinator typically focuses on managing the venue-specific elements, a day-of coordinator can be a liaison between all your vendors.  They can confirm arrangements, provide direction, and handle any unforeseen issues that may arise.  This coordination helps ensure that all vendors are on the same page and working together harmoniously. 
  • Stress reduction: Planning and executing a wedding can be overwhelming, and having a dedicated day-of coordinator can alleviate a significant amount of stress.  They will take care of the logistics and troubleshooting, allowing you and your loved ones to relax and fully enjoy the day without worrying about the behind-the-scenes details. 
  • Flexibility and customization: While venue coordinators are typically limited to the scope of their venue’s services, a day-of coordinator can adapt to your unique needs and preferences.  They can help you personalize your wedding and bring your vision to life, even if it goes beyond what the venue coordinator can provide. 

 Patti advises, “While you’re getting ready, enjoying your moment with your wedding party or your first look with your spouse, who is searching for your entertainment when they are stuck in traffic?  If you do anything to make your dream wedding come true, hire a DOWC.”   Ultimately, hiring a day-of coordinator gives you extra support and expertise to ensure that your wedding day is executed flawlessly.  While the venue coordinator plays a vital role in managing the venue, a day-of coordinator can focus on the broader aspects of your wedding and ensure that all the pieces come together seamlessly. Take a look at our Wedding Planning packages.  We have a few dates still available for 2023, and we are booking for 2024 (and even 2025!)

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